Ready to Wear

LORD’s 1974 sets to dress men for all occasions, 365 days all year round from smart casual to sharp formal looks.

Our Ready to Wear collection are stylish, handcrafted and affordable. Each piece of clothing within our store are made using the following principles:

  • CUT with utmost comfort and functionality
  • DESIGN with contemporary style in mind
  • FOCUS on the finest raw materials and quality
  • HANDMADE with meticulous craftsmanship

In fact, all our suits are made individually by experienced suit makers who require one whole day just to sew together each suit with the utmost care.


At LORD’s 1974, we practise an evergreen pricing policy which means all year round, our products are priced at a very competitive pricing. This pricing applies to our Classic Collection suits and Seasonal design suits that are made using premium fabrics combined with the same level of care we take to manufacture our bespoke suits.