LORD's 1974 by LORD's Tailor

LORD’s 1974 is the first truly Malaysian luxury meanswear brand with a rich heritage in precise bespoke tailoring – offering ready-to-wear and made-to-measure garments that are handcrafted to perfection and made with quality and comfort in mind.

LORD’s 1974 combines the finest fabrics and menswear tailoring tradition to bring you modern luxury creations with the most sought-after looks. It is contemporary luxury menswear that is both stylish yet retaining a classic touch, pervaded in timeless elegance.

Made to Measure

Ready to Wear

Brand Ambassador - Prof Datuk Jimmy Choo

Better than any Saville Row high street tailor. That is why LORD’s has been my trusted personal tailor for many years now. 

Whenever anyone ask me who I am wearing, I always proudly show them that I am wearing LORD’s and it is 100% made in Malaysia.

Quality and comfort are 2 key principles in my design and aesthetics approach and I find that LORD’s always delivers on these 2 things and therefore, I trust them to dress me for all my casual, formal and travel needs.

Prof. Dato Jimmy Choo